VOTE ON NOV. 6, 2012


As a San Joaquin Farmer and Engineer for the State of California, I am well aware of the impact of state policies on the daily lives of San Joaquin residents. I am committed to advocating for job growth, business investment, as well as transparent and fiscally responsible state polices.

I have a degree in Engineering and attended Delta College and San Jose State University. With over thirty years of experience in the engineering and administrative field, including twelve years as an engineer at the State of California Department of Water Resources dealing with distribution of water to cities and counties, I am experienced with the State of California bureaucracy in Sacramento.

As a San Joaquin Farmer since 1982 and a member of the California Farm Bureau, I have owned and farmed over 200 acres, growing walnuts, grapes, plums, cherries, and vegetables. Also, I participated in California Agriculture Export Program, as the owner and operator of an agriculture business that exported hundreds of tons of California grown wheat and potatoes.

My experience with State of California and background in engineering, farming, and international business will make it possible for me to bring state and federally funded economic development programs to San Joaquin County, as well as attract foreign investment in the high-tech and agribusiness sectors. Greater investment in our community will lead to higher property values, more jobs, better education and greater opportunity for all residents of San Joaquin County.


Jeffrey has been involved in coaching AYSO youth soccer teams and has fundraised to encourage and motivate neighborhood youth to take part in soccer.

Jeffrey also supported afterschool programs to keep students off streets and away from trouble. He worked with religious organizations to use their facilities and playgrounds and coordinated with local libraries to provide spaces for youth to be safe and productive.

Jeffrey is an active member of his local homeowner association and has participated in neighborhood watch groups.


Jeffrey has over thirty years political experience in San Joaquin County. He served as campaign worker for Congressman Shamway and Congressman Richard Pombo. In 1992, he was motivated to run for San Joaquin County Supervisor by the water and economic issues facing the County. In 1996, he ran for Mayor of Stockton, when he perceived there to be a lack of fiscal responsibility. In 2000, he ran for US Congress on issues of social security, health care, economic growth, foreign trade and job growth policies.

Jeffrey is familiar with local, state, and federal issues facing the residents of California State Assembly District 13, as well as the issues facing the whole state.


Jeffrey and Asma have been married for 36 years. They have four children and two grandchildren. Asma is a community leader in her own right. She is the head of family medicine at San Joaquin County General Hospital and is a professor in the University of California system. She has helped build the community health capacity for the residents of San Joaquin Valley.

Their older children are proud graduates of Lincoln High School in Stockton. Mahvish went to Pomona College, got a Masters Degree in Public Policy from USC and now is trying to make a difference through her work in the nonprofit sector. Nazish studied psychology at UC Irvine, received a graduate degree from San Francisco State University and is now a school psychologist in the public school system. Zafar attended Claremont McKenna College and studied politics, philosophy and economics. He then completed a Masters degree at Cambridge University in England and now works in finance. Their youngest, Ali, just started college at University of Pacific.