VOTE ON NOV. 6, 2012


Jeffrey Jafri for Assembly
Issues Set – General Election 2012


California’s state budget is structurally unbalanced. Every year, politicians in Sacramento resort to budget gimmicks and accounting tricks to pass a so-called balanced budget. However, every year, the state begins the fiscal year with a multi-billion dollar deficit. Taxpayers deserve better.

When I get to the Capital, I will bring my experience as a farmer, engineer and small businessman to be honest and open with California taxpayers. It is time the government in in Sacramento cuts wasteful spending and learns to live within its means. I promise an honest, open, transparent budget process that solves our perpetual budget crises.


California has structural deficits for as far as the eye can see. Yet Democrats in Sacramento will not stand up to the public employee’s unions and address our state’s wasteful and unsustainable pension funds. State employees are promised a generous defined benefit that guarantees an ever-increasing pension benefit for life.

As our state budget deficits continue to become more structurally unbalanced, state employees have continued to feed at the public trough. Reforms must be made immediately to bring the unsustainable pension benefits in line with private sector businesses.


Politicians in Sacramento are trying to take our Delta water and send it to Southern California without regard for our local economy. As a farmer, I understand the vitally import role water plays in our community. It means jobs and food on our tables.

San Joaquin County needs a vocal advocate for our water interests. I will bring my real world experience to Sacramento and work to ensure our precious resources are not sold to big southern California water interests for cheap political gain.


Taxpayers cannot afford a $54 billion dollar boondoggle. While our state needs to improve intrastate transportation such as roads and highways, the “train to nowhere” is a waste of scarce state tax dollars that few valley residents will ever use.

The state legislature must prioritize how it spends the taxpayer’s money. As your Assemblyman, I will vote to repeal the high speed rail project and put that money into our crumbling infrastructure. Tax dollars can be better spent improving roads we already have than being wasted on an unaffordable and unrealistic bullet train.


As a farmer, I understand the important role agriculture plays in San Joaquin County. We have always used innovation and hard work to make our region one of the most productive agricultural areas in the country.

However, environmental extremists in the state legislature want to place barriers on the family farmer’s ability to plant, grow and harvest crops without government interference. Farmers must be given the freedom to work their land without intrusive regulation from Sacramento.


California has one of the highest tax rates in the country, and now the Governor and Democrats in Sacramento want to tax us even more. Our states dire fiscal problems didn’t occur because we tax too little but because state lawmakers spend too much. As your Assembly member, I will work to cut tax rates for individuals to encourage small business owners to take risks and stimulate job growth.


As a small businessman, I understand what it takes to create jobs and spur economic growth. Too often, government is an impediment to job creation by its burdensome over-regulation. Sacramento needs people with real world business experience who know what it feels like to sign the front of a paycheck not endorse a government handout.

  • Get Californians back to work by encouraging private sector job creators to come back to our state and hire workers here.
  • Balance the budget by reducing overspending and making state government more efficient and effective for the taxpayers it serves.
  • End business as usual at the State Capitol through common-sense reforms that make government accountable to the people again.
  • Provide that every child has the education they deserve for a bright future.
  • Protect public safety and ensure that no one has to live in fear in their own home or local community.
  • Reject painful tax increases that will hurt working families and job creators alike.

K. Jeffrey Jafri

  • Farmer, Engineer, Businessman
  • Balance State Budget
  • Opposes all Tax increases
  • Opposes Public Safety Cuts
  • Fiscallyconservative
  • Samll Businessman, employer
  • Supports traditional family values: Husband and father






City of Stockton Councilwoman Eggman